44 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Wiiddihhh…Rino pny blog baru.
    Shock gw ngeliatnya…
    Lo ngerti Pke wordpress No ?
    Bljr dr mna lo ?

    Congratulation deh
    Trus d update y

    O iy, kalo mau, Ntar lo gabung aja d Komunitas Blogger STAN


  2. Salah tempat deh ngasih comment barusan -_-
    boleh gw copas aja ga? ga? hmmmm
    lagi iseng” blogwalking, nemu lo..
    ternyata lo punya blog?? kenapa ga pernah ngemeng?!
    Gw baru belajar,, ajarin!!
    eniwei kalo mw jadi member lo gimana deh? kok ribet?


    • That stinks! I remember my little sister was prone to getting ita&h230;8#d to have her hair doused in kerosene once. She screamed. the. entire. time. HA. Glad it’s not that bad!Nicole recently posted..


  3. Hi Louis,Glad you were able to come and glad you enjoyed it. I felt the same way after my first reunion and have enjoyed everyone I’ve gone to. And for the rest of our Walton shipmates, if you’ve never attended a reunion, let 2010 be your first, like Lo#8u&si217;. You won’t regret it.


  4. So you also believe the townhall done by Mitch McConell and John McCain where the only people there were from the medical community and by intvoaiitn only was a complete farce as well?


  5. This looks good and you know I’m all about the Indian spices. Just yesterday Mr. Helen asked me if I’d ever get sick of curry flavor. Um, no87r&#.21W;ee warmer than usual too – three cheers for that! If winter would stay like this… mostly snowless I’d be a very happy camper.


  6. Hej CaamklmVelloimen til bloggen her, og tusind tak fordi du vælger at dele dine oplevelser med de andre unge, som netop besøger udiverden.dk for at få inspiration og viden til selv at tage afsted.Jeg vil følge dine indlæg og ønsker dig et supergodt år!Mange hilsnerPia HegnerWebmaster udiverden.dk og bloggen


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